Sabrina Mascia

Talent Sourcing Expert


Make sure your dreams devour your life so that life doesn’t devour your dreams.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Determined, self-taught, Sabrina has taken on a wide variety of jobs with the sole purpose of combining hew two passions: to rub shoulders with the entertainment industry, in the broad sense of the term, and to accompany competence in all its forms. Driven by this key objective, she has played a number of very diverse roles, from management assistantships to freelance recruiter, just to name a few. Among her motivations are her perpetual thirst for knowledge and a pronounced appetite for innovation.


  • Multilingual;
  • Knowledge of and practical experience with the complete recruitment process (from requirement to onboarding), with a particular interest in sourcing;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Attracted by the unknown, always willing to try new experiences;
  • Expert critique on series of all kinds;
  • Good food addict;
  • Assumed hypersomniac.